Hello Love! Welcome to you to my site! I sell jewelry, crystals, and do some coaching!




Glitter and Shimmer

I sell crystals as well in my shop! Vividly colored crystals can add to home decor and add a luxurious accent to any surface. Just like the quartz in watches and clocks or the marble in homes I encourage you to use these gems to set intentions, and appreciate their beauty as a creation from the earth and not worship or idolize them!


Build confidence and strengthen your faith in yourself!

In my coaching program, we dive into your feminity and how to use it to support your self-love, faith, intuition, and being intentional. This program pushes you to strive to be the best version of yourself.  Get in touch today if you are ready to make a commitment to living your best life!



I have spent years wondering how to strengthen my faith in myself and my intuition. How to support my self-love and be intentional on how to be the best version of myself each day. Finally, I have the tools and wisdom to tap into all of that. For me embracing and cultivating the relationship with my feminity shifted my life. And I hope it can shift  yours!



What They’re Saying


"Nike is such a delightful positive coach. She truly knows her information and has such a connection. She gives amazing support and amazing advice. She is also willing to work with your budget which I appreciate so much. If you want to strengthen your faith in yourself and be more intentional I definitely recommend  her!"



San Francisco, CA, USA

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