Welcome, beautiful soul.  I’m Nike Aurea, a creative intuitive and catalyst. I help others create safe & healing spaces that are inclusive and reduce harm for black + indigenous women+, femmes, and those harm by misogyny.





In Ancestral Lineage Healing work, I will guide you to connect with your soul aligned ancestors who will help support you so that you can address any traumas and programing that need healing and better strengthen your ancestral connection and embody the gifts of your lineages.

Sustainable and Inclusive 

In this powerful space we get real about creating healing spaces that are harm reducing and show that they care about marginalized groups. It is an intense program not only for your spiritual biz but for your self work and own deconstruction of harmful new age and patriarchal colonized business practices that harm BIPOC+


Embody and attract your energetic desires with my intuitive crystal jewelry creations. Each piece has an authentic crystal, ready to use in your everyday life for conscious work and grounding.


Hi, I'm Nike

And I'm the catalyst to your ancestral human connection and conscious understanding of healing generational hurt, individually and collectively. 

I also propel businesses, healing spaces and collectives to start the educational work around ensuring their containers and messaging are anti-oppressive and safer for marginalized identities. 

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What They’re Saying


Alexa Soothes

Nike has truly opened my eyes to the power and importance of ancestral work. I didn’t realize how much my ancestors wanted to say to me and how in receiving the message my capacity for holding space and my depth of clarity would be enhanced. I also felt energetically larger after connecting with them, like my presence was bigger because now we were all moving as one. Nikes gift of being the connector between people and their ancestors is so beautiful to witness and its something that everyone should experience! She cares so much about this work and has such honor and reverence for the people who have come before us. Working with Nike will change the way you look at the world

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Curious if your brand and business is safe for BIPOC? Take my quiz, to find out.