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You Are Intentionally Shifting and realizing the importance of creating an inclusive safe for BIPOC healing. 

You recently had a spark that makes you understand that BIPOC healing is often neglected and want to make sure to start  shifting in your branding and business to be more in alignment. You want to get away from the rhetoric of diversity without interesctionality & start being culturally sustaining in your business and healing spaces. 


You are ready to start working on ensuring that your space is flexible and can help reduce trauma when harm arises. 

You need support on where to get started and want to understand and heal fear around "doing it wrong" or stepping on toes. 

You want to also start being anti racist in your business in a way that feels authentic to your brand and sustainable. 

And I can help you! Check out Next Steps below to help you get started. 



A positionality statement:

A positionality statement and understanding of your socialization to understand what biases and oversights. Check out my free guide to help you understand what it looks like and how you are commission it in your branding.


Ready to ensure you are creating safer spaces?

Interested on what it looks like? Check out this insightful testimonial from Intuitive Business Owner and Podcast host, Kathryn Ann.
Learn how Catalyst helped her implement more inclusive ways to help her clients and yield in more abundance and a stronger community.
Want to understand the program better and see if we are a good fit?
Book a free 30 mins call with me!

Join me for my Catalyst Intensive where we do a deep dive into all aspects of your business and much sure it is fully intentional in supporting BIPOC. 


  • I do an audit of your social media, newsletters, courses, and workshops and ensure you language is safe and appropriated and feels authentic. 

  • I help you create an inclusive and clear mission statement and intention statement 

  • I help you implement green flags and eradicate your red flags that alienate BIPOC.

  • I help you get away from racist business practices and teach you how to cent anti-racist pedagogy. 

  • We combat perfectionism and fear around using your platform to support BIPOC and other social issues. 

  • You feel well prepared to support BIPOC as collaborations, clients, and community members. 

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