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The Next Retreat

Introducing the Catalyst DEI Retreat 

June 23-25, 2023 in Austin, Texas

This retreat is for business owners, healers, and leaders who are invested in maintaining an inclusive business and want to:

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive space for QTBIPOC and intersecting targeted folks.

  • Combat the fear of saying “the wrong thing” and step into their agency power.

  • Learn how to be apart and lead restorative circles after harm has occurred. 

  • Do healing and ancestor work to understand ANY shame and guilt and release it.


Ancestral wounds are not unique to your family, but are common to humanity. By focusing on what you can control, you are also helping heal the collective community, the land, and Earth.

During this our retreats we will explore our personal and ancient ancestral connections--including ancestral gifts, ancestral earth-based spiritual traditions, our energetic inheritance from our ancestors, and ancestral connection as healing (particularly around shame and guilt).

Our retreats prioritize community and black and brown healing, willing providing education and alignment for white allies. 

Update: 2023 Ancestor Healing Retreat Closed


Because many western healing spaces forget this part of the collective and lack intersectionality.

And a huge component of ancestral healing is intersectionality and understanding our power and roles in the collective. 

The retreat is open to everyone but foremost those who are ready to heal and be intentional and care about collective healing.


Images and photography by Prana Portraits 

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