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You Are Ready for a Catalyst. 

You are intuitively led to take a hard look at your business and see if it is currently safe for BIPOC however it needs support in creating a more inclusive and authentically caring business and brand. 

Doesn't mean you personally do not care, however you business currently does not show that it cares and can be a trauma informed resource and space for Black, Indigenous and Humans of Color.

Because let's be real, you do care. That's why you are here. Now its time to show in your business explicitly that you value BIPOC and WANT to make it a strong pillar in your business and brand. 

You are ready to: 

- Create an inclusive message in your business 

- Start to learn how to make social media, courses, and content more intersectional

- Understand your own bias programming and reframe and adjust it for more intuitively inclusivity. 



A positionality statement:

A positionality statement and understanding of your socialization to understand what biases and oversights. Check out my free guide to help you understand what it looks like and how you are commission it in your branding.


Create a statement of intention: 

A statement of intention is a great way to share with your audience next steps and intentions you have in ensuring you business and brand is always evolving and integrating new information. Creating safer and more inclusions spaces doesn't mean you have to be perfect; it means you are striving to do better. This means you have to have time, resources, support and really invest in this pillar of your brand. A statement of intention helps you keep yourself accountable and also signals to your audience what your intentions are and what you value. 

Welcome to your Catalyst
Into doing this important work as a leader in your field. 

To help you start creating a more inclusive and safer space for BIPOC and black + indigenous femme healing...

Join me in my Catalyst Intensive where we do a deep dive into all aspects of your business and much sure it is fully intentional in supporting BIPOC. 


  • I do an audit of your social media, newsletters, courses, and workshops and ensure you language is safe and appropriated and feels authentic. 

  • I help you create an inclusive and clear mission statement and intention statement 

  • I help you implement green flags and eradicate your red flags that alienate BIPOC.

  • I help you get away from racist business practices and teach you how to cent anti-racist pedagogy. 

  • We combat perfectionism and fear around using your platform to support BIPOC and other social issues. 

  • You feel well prepared to support BIPOC as collaborations, clients, and community members. 

Interested on what it looks like? Check out this insightful testimonial from Intuitive Business Owner and Podcast host, Kathryn Ann.
Want to understand the program better and see if we are a good fit?
Book a free 30 mins call with me!
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