The Intersectional Spirituality Coaching Sessions

The Intersectional Spirituality Coaching Sessions

 The Intersectionality Retreat Replay! 

*** you will get 7 coaching videos and access to the panel video! 


Why are Reiki Masters, Intuitive Coaches, Healers, Transformation Coaches, Mentors, Psychic Mediums, and Embodiment Experts Coming Together?

For an important co-create that goes taps the root of ALL the commotion that has been occurring, we can begin to heal it not only personally, and collectively.

It may sound a little crazy to say there’s a root to all that is manifesting in the world, good or bad.

However, collective trauma is the root.

If you’ve been looking around at the world wondering: “What can I do?”

"I feel lost on how to help the heal the world right now"

or "What are my intuitive gifts and how can I tap in?"

Joining this conversation may give you insight into what you’re looking for.


These videos go over: 

- Aligning the energies of your body to a higher potential so that YOU can RECIEVE the value YOU create.

- Clearing past-traumas, uninhibitedly trusting your intuition and RELEASING self-sabotage in order to make an impact.

- Creating integration and collaboration in order to easily receive and ATTRACT abundance

-Standing in your POWER of fighting against injustices while radiating love.

-TRANSFORMING subconscious blocks so that you can reclaim your power and step into your highest purpose.


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