Manifesting with Feminine Energy

Even Manifesting can be very masculine which isn't a bad thing at all.

When I first started manifestation practices I was following all the rigid structures like the 3, 6,9 rule, and writing it down in a specific order.

And that works. For some people.

But for me, I was still stagnant and it did not align.

So I need to shift, and I found this opening when I started working with the masculine and integrating the feminine. I got traction and manifesting became easier

And it worked, kind of. Now I am fully submerged into the feminine with some masculine help in SPECIFIC areas. And it WORKS. COMPLETELY. For me. You see it depends on YOU, and what will flow the best for YOU. But I also do know that many people aren't even conscious of the feminine way because even in spirituality we tend to operate in the masculine. Which isn't bad. But doesn't work for everyone.

There isn't one way to do manifest. It isn't one size fits all. And why should it be? So don't be discouraged if you have been trying to manifest and it hasn't made the traction you have wanted. All you need to do is find your sweet spot.

Manifesting with feminine energy to me is going with the flow. There aren't rigid rules. I manifest when I dance and listen to music. When I speak out my goals with a close friend when I create a vision board full of fun colors and inspirational pictures.

Its all valid and exploring manifestation styles is so insightful.

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