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How can Catalyst Transform Your community? Check out my Client Case Studies and Results

For every element of my program I conduct a case study to ensure that

1. It works for different people and businesses

2. I can perfect my system for easy integration and clear results. 

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Catalyst is a program for folks who are ready to step into their inclusion and equity journey. 

It prioritizes sustainable decolonizing work, meaning it is an intentional path of understanding social systems, our participation in them, and our agency that we can use to disrupt them.

Catalyst prioritizing mindset work while embedding more inclusive systems and structures. 

This includes create intentional community culture that is more inclusive and harm reducing especially for those harmed by current social structures. 

We are also channeling ancestral gifts. 


We are combating perfectionism and learning how to embrace the humanness that we all participate in. 


We are getting REAL about social systems and the our participation within them. 


We are getting confident in our abilities to talk about human rights and social justice issues, no longer saying silent, because silence is violence

Its creating intentional systems that value community members to create a genuine sense

of belonging.

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Ready to create more inclusive and safer spaces?

Join me for a Catalyst Chat!

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