Catalyst is a program for intuitive who are ready to step into a leadership role in their businesses or programs that reflects inclusivity, healing generational wrongdoings, and being an ally to both humans and the land. 


In this program the alchemy of higher truth and knowledge, combined with the courage to act, protect, stand up for our truth in the face of repressing force, creates a catalyst. 


A catalyst that helps induce change. Induce awareness. And channel empowerment. 


In this program we are fully committing to the relationship with our ancestors and acknowledging any wounds that have stopped us from stepping forward. 

We are also channeling ancestral gifts. 


We are combating perfectionism and learning how to embrace the humanness that we all participate in. 


We are getting REAL about racist programming, examining how the paradigm is embedded in our society and how to combat it. 


We are getting confident in our abilities to talk about human rights and social justice issues, no longer saying silent, because silence is violence. 


Creating safe spaces for all also creates more abundance for all. Abundance is your birthright, coming together is the key.



Connecting with Niké is a MUST if you're ready and willing to dismantle old paradigms and step into your power! I first connected with Niké for a Goddess workshop where we explored my connection to the Goddesses. She helped me decode the divine feminine and masculine energy I was working with and encouraged me to break free of limiting beliefs and work WITH the energies within me. I had such a wonderful experience that we reconnected for Decolonization and Ancestral work. Honestly, I was apprehensive to explore decolonization- as I wasn't sure what to expect- but Niké was so incredible to work with. The process was easy to understand and she continuously kept me inspired and held me accountable. Her intuitive abilities helped guide me through my own processes and understand my practices on a deeper level. I now have a better understanding of my connection to my ancestors and feel confident about what steps I can take to continue to break cycles through my human experience and spiritual practice. I'm still blown away by some of the connections we shared during our work! 15 out of 10, if you're thinking of working with Niké, take the leap!

- Jienna K

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