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If you want to be the one to break generational curses you do ancestral healing.

Ancestral lineage healing is a spiritually-grounded, connection process that empowers you to connect, heal and nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors.

Many of us feel lost and disconnected as we are craving an authentic sense of belonging after generations of repression, oppression, colonialism, colonization  and the burden of cultural wounding. Some of us are holding shame and guilt for the wounding done to or by our ancestors. 

We carry this weight within our families and our bodies, but we carry the beautiful gifts as well. Ancestral healing allows a re-connection with our roots while also repairing familial breaks within the lineage. The sense of belonging and self empowerment that occur with this deep dive also fuels the transformation of inherited cycles and the full embodiment of your birth-righted gifts.

Breaking Generational Curses : Project


I believe that everyone should have access to healing. Here are some guides to support you, free of cost!


Be the the one to break generational curses

This foundational guide will help direct you in connecting with your ancestors and creating a safe space to start to understand generational wounds.


Learn how to manifest in a flow of ease while healing limiting beliefs

This tap in will lead you through a flow and release exercise to support your inner manifestor

Breaking Generational Curses : Files


  • Wish to deepen your transformative work in the world from a place of personal awareness.

  • Want the blessings of wise and healed ancestors who you feel are a bit disconnected 

  • Want to move forward with your life but feel some heaviness in your family and lineage that keeps you unsure, ungrounded, or lacking direction.

  • Have relatives who have passed or have been traumatized under difficult circumstances and experiences such as oppression, displacement, accidents, generational traumas, mental illness, or addiction.

  • Want to reconnect to ancestral gifts and intuitive abilities 

  • Are ready to break generational wounds once & for all

Breaking Generational Curses : Text

Nike's work books are a AMAZING. They help you get started and set a foundation for your healing journey. Doing the work book really help center my goals and understand what I needed to start healing so that I wasn't overwhelmed. After tapping in this way, I was able to do coaching with Nike and transform even more! 

Josefine M.

Breaking Generational Curses : Testimonials


I am Nike, an empowerment catalyst who helps connect humans to their intuitive gifts and embrace the magic of being HUMAN. I work with goddesses, the warrior archetype, and ancestors to propel you to be brave in expressing & affirming your authentic self in your everyday life. 

Within my coaching we create a sacred space of connection and healing. I fully believe that every human is magical and I help nurture your beautiful skills to flourish in an authentic way. 

Breaking Generational Curses : About Me
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